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While the core topics are business, entrepreneurship, and self-development, I frequently add articles on different subjects that can have a big and positive impact on your life!

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Many of our setbacks in life are due to false information or a lack of knowledge. Trauma, depression, anxiety, lack of financial means, or even lack of energy are most of the time consequences of harmful actions and habits that can be fixed…if you know how to do so. 

Each book in this list focuses on the most common problematic areas of your life and explain how to fix your issues.

Some people go through life always compaining they never have enough of anything. Some people go through life feeling grateful for everything they have.

Whatever lack you may experience in your life is likely due to one of these two things: a wrong mindset, or a wrong course of action (or lack of). 

Find here seven mindset shifts which will teach you to see life differently and help you achiever explosive growth in no time. 

I started collecting quotes when I was 15 years old. Today, I have 500+. 

Quotes have showed me the direction I should take many times. They have reminded me of my principles. 

Find the best 150+ quotes that I have collected here. May they help you as much as they have helped me. 

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