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Most books have only one or two pieces of information that are really interesting. The rest is usually meh.

Likewise, you often learn one or two really interesting things from people you meet or read.

I am compiling the best things I have learned from others on this list. These people can be writers, Internet personalities, or folks I have met in my life.

Ray Dalio: debt fuels spending.

Adam Smith: a healthy economy is an economy that produces a lot of goods and services.

Jordan Peterson: religion isn’t meant to be taken literally, but figuratively. It’s a collection of stories with lessons and tips meant to help you live a better life.

Mark Manson: charisma (and happiness) is fully being and embodying who you are.

David Deida: Men’s life purpose is to go after their mission. Women’s life purpose is to find love.

Tim Denning: to be an interesting writer, you need to have an interesting life.

MJ DeMarco: people that have a lot of money delivered a lot of value.

Nassim Taleb: nothing goes right when you split theory from practice. Don’t do anything without skin in the game.

Peter Thiel: valuable companies are built on secrets.

Kamel: what you have done yesterday doesn’t matter. All that matters is the value you will create tomorrow.

Bernard Cheynel: impostor syndrome is for losers.

Benjamin Hardy: identity develops as a side effect of your goals, behavior, and actions. Not the other way around.

Jordan Peterson: Having kids is the meaning of life.

Alex Becker: if you want to succeed, you need to be the best.

Grant Cardone: work hard.

Ayodeji Awosika: people that buy courses fail because they don’t do everything the course is telling them to.

Nat Eliason: you actually can reach results promised in books, but it demands work and commitment.

My brother: you need to move forward no matter what. Never give up.

Naval Ravikant: use leverage and automation as much as you can.

Art Berman: the industrial revolution was in fact an energy revolution.

Tony Judt: the denazification of Germany never happened.

David Goggins: to be mentally and physically healthy, stretch.

Yuval Noah Harari: the agricultural revolution was the biggest catastrophe in human history.

Timothy Gallwey: the language of the subconscious is images, not words.

Jason Fried: workaholism is dumb.

Larry McEnerney: people read things that are valuable to them.

Emile Durkheim: a society where socio-economic inequalities are too big will not live long.

Jordan Peterson: societies decay as time goes by.

Youngme Moon: brands become similar as time goes by.

Robert Greene: the hardest thing in your quest for power will be to master your emotions.

Ray Dalio: history is cyclical, not linear.

David Schwartz: don’t worship anyone. It will prevent you from reaching their level.

Jordan Peterson: successful people don’t ignore the things they’d like to. They face difficulty upfront and fix the problem.

Jordan Peterson: the amount of meaning in your life equals the amount of responsibility.

People that succeed aren’t the smartest or hardest working, but those with the most energy.

Alex Hormozi: abandon the notion of fairness when selling. All big companies charge you enormous amounts of money for stuff that cost them nothing.

Daniel Rose: Always value the high-risk, high-reward path; always disdain the path of safety.

Experience: what’s easy rarely has value. What’s difficult almost always does.

Experience: men don’t grow beards. They hide behind them.

Experience: one of life’s paradoxes is that we’re forced to do stuff we don’t immediately like to feel good later. “Happiness has a price”.

Experience: as you grow older, your thirst for authenticity expands.

Experience: most disappointments in life can be linked to the fact that you’re not living to your absolute potential.

Experience: as you progress in your journey, people will try to give you a piece of advice to be a part of your success. This is success hijacking. Say no to all of it. In fact, don’t talk about your success.

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