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I built a database with all of the books I have read and summarized.

You can play with the different filters and see the best books, the longest ones, the oldest ones, and directly access all of the summaries.


NB: What does MIOI mean?

MIOI stands for Mathematical Indicator of Interest. It gives a number between 0 and 1 which is the result of a mathematical formula I have invented to scientifically determine my interest in a book.

When I summarize a book, I only write down what I think is interesting or worth remembering.

If a long book has a 5000-word summary while a short book has also a 5000-word summary, which book do you think was more interesting to me?

The short one.

But how interesting is it? That’s the question the formula answers:

Number of words in the summary *divided by* number of words in the book = MIOI

The higher the MOIO number, the more interesting the book was.

If you look at “How to Be An Adult”, you can see that the summary is as long as 31% (!!!) of the book. Nomad Capitalist is only at 1.5%.

Easy to see which book I preferred.

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