About Aure's Notes

When you go online, you get assaulted by: 

  • Cookie preferences 
  • Ads Popups “sign up for my newsletter” 
  • Popups “use this coupon” 
  • Paywalls

It’s exhausting. 

So I vowed to make this website add-free and popup-free where curious readers can come consume as much information as they want, and stay for as much as they want, without being harassed by anyone. 

Hey, I am Aure! 

Born in Belgium, I lived in 8 different countries (Belgium, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, France, Colombia, Poland, Estonia, where I currently reside) in seven years. I have a Bsc in communication, a Msc in business economics, and another Msc in political science and European studies. 

It may seem impressive, but it really isn’t. 

When I realized university taught me useless knowledge (nothing I could make money with), my real education began. I fell in love with learning actual stuff and started writing down everything I found valuable. 

Now I share all of my insights here, on Aure’s Notes. 

While the core topics are business, entrepreneurship, and self-development, I frequently add articles on different subjects that I find important to build a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.

What to Expect Out of Aure's Notes

  1. No ads
  2. Quality over everything else: I only publish on the blog when it is worth publishing. For entertaining article, check out my Medium.
  3. Transparency and honesty: All opinions are genuine and honest. That doesn’t mean I will not change my mind in the future. 
Also, this website is primarily addressed to a European audience.
Everyone can read Aure’s Notes, but the blog is written from a European perspective, with everything it entails.

Where to Read Aure's Notes

You’ll find on the website the best of my content, for free, and ad-free.

I also write on Medium entertaining self-development articles, for the most part. Medium costs $5/month, or $50/year and enables you to read an unlimited number of articles from the hundreds of good writers there. You can sign up with my affiliate link

I also have a Substack (free) but I haven’t yet figured out what to write there. 

How to Use Aure's Notes

The section summaries contains summaries of books and videos. 

The section articles hosts all of the articles I have written.

The section resources hosts how-to guides as well as directories of websites, books, Youtube channels, newsletters, podcasts, people, and tips and tricks on various topics. 

The section Billionaire Series is a series of twenty one articles that analyze and deconstruct how billionaires started, grew, and scaled their companies. 

Finally, the podcast is me interviewing people that build stuff (entrepreneurs, scientists, creators, etc). 

Visual and Non-Visual Glossary

“<” means “is smaller/worse than”. Eg: Vegan diet < keto diet. Translation: vegan is worse than keto. 

“>” means “is bigger/better than”. 

“X” means “time” as in an equation. 3 X 5 = 15. 

I use the 00h00 to 23h59 European time system. 

5h00 is 5am, 15h00 is 3pm. 00h00 is midnight, and 12h00 is lunch time.

There are a series of terms I cannot write or I will be deplatformed by G-00-gL€. So I write them in a different way. 

That big country in the east that invented gun powder, for example, is written as [email protected] That disease which took over the world at the end of 2019, is also written differently.

I think you got the gist. 

When something is important, I put it in bold or in giant quote. When something is capital, I put it in red (unless otherwise specified).

What's the Newsletter About?

The newsletter is sent every 1st and 15th day of the month. It is:

  • A list of the last articles I have published.
  • Compelling insights from the books I am reading.
  • Savvy facts that will expand your mind (in a bullet list!)

It’s not on any specific theme. I keep it under three minutes cuz I don’t like long emails.

If you like the blog and want to be smarter, you will love the newsletter! 

But don’t take my word for it, check it yourself herehere, and here.


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Does the Website Make Money, and if Yes, How?

The links that send you to Amazon are affiliate links. 

This means that if you buy what Amazon sells after clicking on the link, I will earn a small commission. 

This enables me to keep this website free, ad-free, and updated. 

If you have bought a book from a link on this website, thank you for your support!

Not all links are affiliate links. 

Amazon kicked me out of the partner program because I wasn’t selling enough lmao. Guess that’s what happens when the book summaries are so good people no longer need to buy them anymore 😀 

If you want to support the website, you can do so in three ways. 

1. You can buy me a coffee.

2. You can sign up on Medium through my affiliate link. Medium costs $5 a month (or $50 per year) and enables you to read an unlimited number of articles about absolutely anything. You can also write on Medium and earn money.

3. You can buy what I sell.

How Is the Website Built?

The website is built on WordPress. 

The hosting company I use is Hostinger because it’s European and it’s the fastest in Europe. 

The theme of the website is OceanWP (free) but I built the landing page with Elementor (free). Here are the other plugins I use: 

  • Akismet
  • Display posts
  • Elementor Header and Footer Builder
  • Forminator
  • Hustle
  • Jetpack
  • WP Rocket
  • Manage Notification E-Mails
  • Ocean Social Sharing
  • Rank Math
  • Read Meter
  • Unlimited Elements for Elementor
  • Updraft Plus

Want to Get in Touch?

Use the form below. I answer as fast as I can! 

NB: No need to ask for guest posts, for a link to your article, and no need to offer your digital agency services. I will not answer these emails.