How to Look Good (For Men)

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The following is a series of edited excerpts from a book I used to sell in another life called Mastering Tinder.

I took the parts dedicated to improving your appearance and made this article out of it.

It contains everything I know about looking better.


The following is educational content and should not be construed as medical advice.

How to Look Good

Looking good is not as much about having a good-looking face as it is about having a cool haircut, clothing style, and good posture.

Make sure you look your best by observing the following rules:

Get a Proper Haircut

Make thorough research of hairdressers that have experience cutting the type of hair that you have. If you can’t find any, find a barber instead. They are almost always better than hairdressers.

I have weirdly-constituted blond hair, and only barbers have been able to give me a satisfying haircut. Schedule an appointment and bring with you pictures of the haircut that you want so the barber has some directions.

Trim Your Beard

While caveman beards may have looked nice fifty thousand years ago, it is no longer the case. Most girls like a well-groomed man, with a clean, trimmed beard.

Wear a shirt with a suit jacket

I have always wondered whether I should dress well or not.

I didn’t know if dressing well appeared needy because it showed that you “want others to accept you”, or if it appeared nice because you look good. It took me time to figure it out, but I did.

Dress well if you haven’t done anything in your life that would justify not dressing well.

If you look at the people who don’t dress well in public, they are the people who have already done other impressive stuff.

Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates are almost always dressed like crap because they can.

Famous people, actors, singers, intellectuals, eccentric scientists, billionaires, and geniuses often have something so extraordinary speaking for them that they don’t need to dress well, which reinforces their charisma.

Do you think Steve Jobs would have been this iconic had he not worn his running shoes and jeans? No. But he could dress like that because he was Steve Jobs (at the beginning of his career, before he was “Steve Jobs”, he always wore a suit for product presentations).

So, before you become somebody, dress well. Dressing like crap is an advantage you earn only after you have achieved something significant.

Now, how should you dress well? I cannot possibly give you advice on which color of clothes you should wear because that is your decision to make.

Find yourself a style that you like and that projects the image you want to project.

Check out masculine blogs for inspiration or look for male models on Instagram.

The only possible clothing guidelines I can give you is to find clothes that fit.

Have you ever looked at people with oversized suits? They look ridiculous.

Make sure that whatever shirt, pants, and jacket you choose fit your body and neither appear oversized, nor undersized.

Accessories like necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, scarves, and sunglasses are nice to have. They give you a style.

For example, I have become particularly frenzy over sleeveless vests lately, probably inspired by Jordan Peterson.

Whiten Your Teeth

Most people have unattractive yellow teeth. This can be fixed with bleaching. You can get it done professionally (expensive and not worth it) or you can do it by yourself.

To do so, buy a led-light teeth-bleaching device online. It will cost you between €30 and €60.

White teeth significantly improve your physical appearance.

It will take about ten sessions of ten minutes over ten days for your teeth to become significantly whiter. Be patient.

Alternatively, you can also ditch your toothpaste and replace it with baking soda to keep your teeth white.

Smoking and bad nutritional habits render your teeth yellow. Eat a proper diet and quit smoking.

Cigarettes are a financial black hole, destroy your lungs and heart, and pollute the planet.

Only losers smoke. If you want to stop being a loser, you have to stop smoking.

Get Rid of Acne

Acne is mainly influenced by your diet.

Most people get rid of their acne when they eat a low or zero-carb diet. Start by cutting vegetable oils, carbs, and sugar as much as possible.

Find a low-carb diet guide here.

If your acne is out of control, consult your physician.

Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back

It’s Jordan Peterson’s first rule and it’s actually quite relevant.

Not only does a confident posture make you more attractive, it makes you feel better too.

Start with the Alexander Technique.

What Makes Someone Sexy?

From an evolutionary perspective, physical attractiveness is related to health.

Healthy individuals have higher chances of having healthy offspring.

Since reproduction is our sole purpose, nature made sure we’d reproduce with healthy people.

Girls feel attracted to guys with muscles because this is a sign of health (this is also a sign of physical power which means better protection which means higher chances of survival).

By the same token, old, obese, or sick people don’t appear attractive because their chances to have healthy offspring are lower (or nonexistent) since they are not healthy themselves.

As such, if you want to become sexier, you’ll have to become healthier.

How to Become Healthier?

Health is based on four pillars: sleep, food, exercise, and social life.


Sleep is the first pillar of health. People who sleep well look more attractive.

A lack of sleep worsens every condition you have and is a strong catalyst for the development of mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

It also makes you moody, impacts your eating schedule, and makes you less attractive.

Find below a list of actions you can take to sleep better.

  • Dump video games at night. Pick up a book, it’s much better.
  • Wear blue-light-blocking glasses. They prevent you from not being tired.
  • Follow a regular sleep cycle. Your brain feels better when it sleeps and wakes up at regular hours.
  • Don’t go to sleep past midnight. The best is to go to sleep a couple of hours after the sun disappeared.
  • Cool down the temperature of your room.
  • No technology in bed.
  • Meditate and relax in your bed before sleeping. A trick I use to fall asleep fast is to imagine I am being swallowed by my bed like if it was quicksand. It’s weird, but it works well.
  • Stretch. I do up to 90 minutes of stretching when the day has been particularly heavy.

These should help you sleep better. When you sleep better, your ideas are clearer and you are better able to tackle daily challenges.


Food is the second pillar of health.

There are a lot of misconceptions about food. It’s unfortunate.

The principles surrounding food are in fact, simple.

Food is what you are made of. Your stomach breaks down what you eat into building blocks that will participate in the maintenance and constitution of your body.

The quote “you become what you eat” is literally true. If you eat garbage, you will become garbage. As simple as that.

Yet, the mainstream narrative tends to see issues linked to eating such as obesity, as a disease people “catch”. This is incorrect. Obesity is not a disease.

It is a consequence of eating (1) too much (2) disgusting food. You don’t catch obesity like you catch the flu. And no one wakes up obese. It is a gradual process.

As such, there are no “medicines” to treat obesity. These were only invented to profit pharmaceutical companies. The only way to burn your fat is to change your diet. That’s it.

Exercise is not even required, even though it helps.

Obesity is caused when one takes in too many calories than they burn or evacuate. It is not more complicated than that.

If you eat too much sugar and fried food, your body will store these into fat. The fat is not appearing out of nowhere and your body doesn’t produce it out of nowhere.

If you want to lose weight, all you need to do is stop eating that which makes you fat. You need to change your diet.

The best diet to lose weight is by far the ketogenic diet. It is very easy to follow.

You are allowed to eat meat, vegetables, and dairy. You can drink water, coffee, tea, low-carb beer, and vodka. And that is it.

No more bread, no more fries, no more cakes, no more sodas.

Everything that is either processed, fried, or sweet should be thrown away.

Once you stop feeding your body sugar, it will start “eating” its fat for energy and you will lose weight. This is what the ketogenic diet is made for.

You will quicken your fat-loss speed if you work out, but this is in no way necessary. Just stop eating the food that makes you fat.

I have never been fat. Yet, when I went on a ketogenic diet, I lost eight kilos in six weeks. How about that?!

“But Aure, I am addicted to sugar”. Yes. So was I, and so is everyone else.

Nothing comes easy. If you want to look good, you need to make some effort. There is no free lunch (pun intended).


Exercise is the third pillar of health

No need to explain why. There is a reason why attractive people spend so much time in the gym.

The great thing about humans is that nature does not discriminate when it comes to muscles.

Everyone can build them. Your muscles may not look as big as the Rock’s, but you can still build something that will make hundreds of girls fantasize about you.

All you need to do is work out.

On top of looking better, exercising will increase your energy, clear your mind, motivate you, improve your drive, and decrease social awkwardness.

You have got nothing to lose from working out! Now, I am not going to repeat what I know about working out because this would seem disingenuous. The best resource I have found on the topic is Bowtiedox.

Social Life

Social life is the fourth pillar of health.

As you will read in the next section, being social, kind, and generous makes you look better (don’t mistake this for being “beta” either).

I don’t know why exactly, but I assume it is a virtuous cycle. Being generous helps the species. By making generous people more attractive, nature increases generous people’s chances to find a mate and reproduce to have generous children.

While being social improves attractiveness, it also improves your mindset. You’ll be more likely to believe you are a likable person and behave as such if you have friends than if you do not.

How to Improve How Your Face Looks

The mainstream narrative tells you you are a victim and that politicians are there to save you. This is entirely false. You have 100% control over your life, and that includes making your face look more attractive.


The first feature you can take care of is the hair.

If you’re losing your hair, you have two choices.

  1. Shave it and go bald.
  2. Fix it: you can fix it with lavender oil, or cosmetic surgery. If you’re in Europe, fly to Turkey and go get yourself some hair. Also, make sure to take pills so that they don’t fall back again.


Let’s talk about earrings. I have always looked like the first in the class – even though I never was. A lot of people made fun of me for that. One day, I decided to look a bit more…“badass”. I went to get an earring, then put on a stud. Then I got a second one.

I don’t know if I looked cooler, but I certainly felt like it.

Get an earring if you feel like adding a bit of “badassery” to your face.


Next up is the skin, which we already talked about a little bit.

The state of your skin is impacted by your diet and other unhealthy practices.

  • Do you drink? Stop.
  • Do you smoke? If yes, stop.
  • Do you get enough sun? If not, go outside more often. As we said above, make sure to consult a physician if you can’t clean up your acne with a change of diet.
  • Are you vegan or vegetarian? Then stop that sh!t now, you’re poisoning your own body and increasing profits of big agro-industrial companies (who do you think needs pesticides and other chemicals? Not the cows.)

If you don’t believe me, learn about the difference between animal-sourced and plant-sourced proteins, search for the destructive impact of sugar and fiber on your gut, and explore the effects that naturally-occurring toxins in plants have on your body.

You need a good fatty piece of beef, not some soy-produced estrogen.


Let’s talk about the beard. What follows is non-scientific. Just my experience.

When I was a teenager, most guys shaved every day because they thought it would grow back stronger. I didn’t. In my mind, a beard was like a plant.

You can’t expect it to grow if you cut it every day. So I never shaved until I got into my early twenties. Even then, I didn’t shave often since I hated it.

Slowly, a patchy beard started to grow. I left it as it was.

It has now grown into a magnificent full beard that grows back after three weeks when I shave it.

And the less I shave…the nicer it becomes.

I am not saying that the same will happen to you.

However, I am still persuaded that you’ll have more chances to grow a decent beard if you leave it than if you shave it.


Let’s talk about your jaw.

There are two features that make a face look pretty.

The first one is symmetry. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about improving your face’s symmetry.

However, I know plenty of guys deemed highly attractive despite their faces being completely asymmetrical, so don’t worry about that.

Symmetry does not matter as much as the second feature: a square jaw.

If you look at Hollywood’s actors, all of them have square jaws. None of them have long faces. That’s because a square jaw is attractive. Long faces aren’t.

People with long faces usually have their teeth crooked and look ugly. So…can you change your jaw?

Yes, you can! Have you ever heard of mewing?

Mewing is a term invented by the Mew, a family of British orthodontists.

They noticed that braces never worked on kids. After investigating, they understood that their patients’ jaw had not fully developed due to many reasons, among which were a change of diet and a bad position of the head.

They set up to develop a therapy to change that and succeeded.

When kids started standing up straight, did some exercises with their tongue, and started chewing on red meat to muscle their jaw, their faces shifted and squared up.

They looked better and didn’t have to wear braces anymore.

You can do the same thing. I won’t explain here how mewing works. There are enough videos on YouTube on the topic.

Furthermore, there have been reports of guys having their jaws evolving after going on a no-fap. I am not sure of the validity of such claims, but it has been made several times on the Internet.

Just know that if you have a long face, you can do something about it (which isn’t plastic surgery.)

Something else that helped me enlarge my jaw was to go on a heavy-beef carnivore diet. The important chewing you have to do enlarges the jaw by muscling it.


The tool helps you measure if you have an attractive voice or not.

If you’re in the 85 – 155 hertz measurement, you can probably make your voice lower with breathing exercises.

If you’re above as I am (241, ouch), then you will have to do some surgery.

Let me tell you about my highly embarrassing voice story.

My voice never changed.

You know how boys go through a voice break at 13 years old?

I didn’t. I blame the heavy soy diet I was fed from infancy to my late teenage years for it.

And genetics.

This means that people think I am a woman at the phone, no matter which language I speak, no matter which country I call, no matter how deep I make my voice be.

You can judge it here for yourself.

If your case is similar, I am sorry, but there aren’t 1382 solutions: you need to do voice surgery called type 3 thyroplasty.

The procedure is safe. It is generally used for people who change gender, but it’s also used for people who don’t like their voice or men who have unusual high-pitched voices.

You have a few options in Berlin, Vienna, and Istanbul.


I can’t promise you’ll look like Ryan Gosling, BUT, if you:

  • Take care of your hair
  • Add some jewelry
  • Take care of your skin
  • Take care of your teeth
  • Take care of your jaw
  • Lose fat
  • Build muscles
  • Take care of your clothing style
  • Take care of your voice

My man, you can skyrocket to the top 1% of most attractive men worldwide.

Good luck!

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