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Writing Resources

First, go read the summary of the writing videos I have made here.


  • Copywriting Secrets, by Jim Edwards
  • Breakthrough Advertising, by Eugene Schwartz
  • Copywriting Secrets, by Jim Edwards
  • On Writing Well, by William Zinsser
  • The Art and Business of Online Writing, by Nicolas Cole

Websites and services:

  • a website that capitalizes your title like it should
  • easily convert cases
  • has several publications dedicated to the art of writing.
  • is a free program helping you spot grammar mistakes.

Writing Tips and Tricks

These tips have been harvested from numerous articles about writing that I read. Don’t follow them blindly though. It’s important to contextualize them.


  • Don’t use the word “thing”
  • Make short sentences (depends)
  • Write short words (depends)
  • Use a wide variety of verbs
  • Appeal to the senses (hearing, smell, touch, sight, taste)
  • Explain yourself as simply and as clearly as possible
  • Write “fast”: reveal new actions and information fast
  • Be specific. Don’t write “wanna lose weight?” Write “how to lose 2 kg in 3 days”.
  • Don’t use adverbs (depends)
  • Don’t use the passive voice (depends)
  • Start with a strong sentence that makes the reader want to read the next sentence
  • Talk about problems and how to solve them
  • Write from the reader’s perspective (easier to understand)
  • Read a lot
  • Be evocative, cut flab, craft imagination using a variety of literary devices, metaphor, analogies
  • Less is more: the best sentence is the sentence that conveys your thoughts in the least amount of words.
  • Keep one idea per sentence
  • Deliver a strong intro
  • Have an actual message
  • Write something that your readers can take away and practice in their lives.


  • Capitalize your titles
  • Don’t make paragraphs bigger than six sentences
  • Use separators in between the parts of your text
  • Use sans-serif font for online content, and serif for print (depends)
  • Vary the length and structure of your sentences (don’t be boring).

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