The Complete and Definitive NoFap Guide (Nofap Benefits, Timeline, Flatline, Tracker…)

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I have done nofap three times:

  • Once for 101 days
  • Once for 165 days
  • Once for 42 days

Here are the main lessons I have learned.

  • Whoever you are, nofap will have an impact on you (GOD MODE, but it’s more complex than you think).
  • The benefits of NoFap take at least 30 days to be felt.
  • A flatline can last up to two years and a half.
  • Find the nofap timeline here.
  • Masturbating in itself isn’t unhealthy or unnatural.
  • Beating your meat 5 times per day definitely is.
  • It’s all about keeping it moderate.

Are you struggling with porn?

Read the summary of Your Brain On Porn first.

The following is educational and informational content, and should not replace proper medical care. Always consult a licensed specialist before altering your lifestyle.

Table of Content

1. What Is Nofap?

Nofap is a period during which you stop masturbating. Fapping means “masturbating”. Nofap, therefore, means not masturbating.

There are different versions of nofaps that will suit different people with different needs.

Someone engaging in nofap is called a fapstronaute.

2. Why Do People Do Nofap + Nofap Benefits?

It depends, but mostly, it’s to get rid of porn addiction.

Porn addiction changes the structure of your brain and impacts the rest of your life, from your relationships to your sleep, to your self-esteem.

It also impacts your sexuality. Men (I am assuming that you are a guy reading this) addicted to porn may struggle to maintain an erection when engaging in real sex; they may come too fast; or they may not come at all.

People also engage in nofap to:

  • Have more energy
  • Have more testosterone
  • Be more focused
  • Be less afraid
  • Solve the “death grip syndrome
  • Be less prone to dopamine-triggering activities
  • Get rid of depression
  • Get “angry”
  • Solve their relationships with women
  • Have better sex

The mental benefits to NoFap are called God Mode.

3. Is Nofap Only For Men?

No. Many women also practice nofap (while men tend to be addicted to porn, women tend to be addicted to erotic stories).

Unfortunately, the mainstream narrative has pushed women to do a lot of things that men do. The mainstream narrative is now encouraging girls to watch porn because it is “cool” – when not pushing them to do porn altogether.

Some women have become addicted to porn as a result and use nofap as means to get rid of it.

4. What Are the Different Types of Nofap?

  • The Extreme: nofap, no porn, no sex.

This is the most popular version of nofap. It is usually practiced by guys that seek to be more social and less afraid of talking to girls, while breaking their porn addiction.

  • The Boyfriend: nofap, no porn, sex.

These guys seek to break their porn addiction, reconnect to their partners, or solve their death grip syndrome.

They’re not after the mental and “high-energy” benefits since they’re having orgasms during their nofap.

A version of this nofap can also include semen retention. Semen retention is tantric sex, meaning it is having sex but not having an orgasm. It’s frustrating, if you ask me. It also takes immense self-control to practice.

Overall, the boyfriend is the best option to get rid of your porn addiction. Since you are having sex, you are less compelled to masturbate and seek porn doing so.

  • The Eunuque: nofap, porn, no sex.

Rare. These guys primarily seek the “high energy” from nofap. They use porn to stimulate their brain and motivate them to go find girls.

Not recommended at all.

  • The Cheater: nofap, porn, sex.

Guys who practice this version mainly want to solve their death grip syndrome. They don’t care about porn addiction.

5. What Is the Nofap Timeline?

The nofap timeline is the range of experiences you’ll go through while doing nofap. In the beginning, you have a lot of energy. Then you enter the flatline during which you have low energy and not many emotions. Then you get out of the flatline and reap the nofap benefits.

image 11
The nofap timeline

What Is the Nofap Flatline?

The flatline is a period of struggle and despair you have to go through before experiencing nofap benefits.

It’s the second stage of nofap.

The nofap timeline is divided into three stages.

  1. Initial excitement and testosterone build-up
  2. The nofap flatline
  3. The nofap benefits
image 13
The nofap timeline is divided into three parts: initial excitement, nofap flatline, nofap benefits, also called God Mode.

1. Initial Excitement

The initial excitement phase can last between one to six weeks, rarely more. This period is when you are the most likely to fail nofap because you are horny. The first seven days are particularly difficult.

According to that one study, your testosterone levels peak on the 7th day, then decrease. However, I wouldn’t draw any precipitated conclusions since it’s only one study, and it was done years ago.

2. The Nofap Flatline

The nofap flatline is a period of nofap during which the fapstronaute has low energy, feels little, has no sexual desire, and is slightly depressed. It’s the most dreaded part of nofap and what makes it so hard.

No one really knows what the flatline is nor why it exists. It seems that your brain “rewires” and “de-addicts itself” during the flatline. The flatline is most likely the sum of the withdrawal symptoms of porn addiction.

Some people have experienced very short flatlines of a month or so.

Others have experienced up to 2 years and a half of flatline.

What influences the length and difficulty of the nofap flatline?

Your porn addiction mainly.

The younger you started watching porn (1), the more violent the porn was (2), and the longer you remained addicted to porn (3), the longer (and harder) your flatline will be.

What does the flatline feel like?

Numbness. Girls no longer look exciting, and you stop thinking about sex constantly. You have no desire for anything. Life is boring. You feel slightly depressed, but not really. It feels like a light experience of anhedonia.

One of my theories why the nofap flatline is so hard to go through is that the brain is deprived of the euphoric chemicals released during orgasm.

Find the list below (1) (2).

List of hormones released during sex:

  1. Dopamine helps build habits, as explained by James Clear. It makes you feel good before and after doing something pleasurable so you want to repeat the behavior.
  2. Oxytocin acts differently according to your gender. Oxytocin has mainly been studied in women. We know it plays a role in social bonding. Oxytocin is triggered during orgasm, childbirth, after childbirth, and breastfeeding.
    Understand: girls will get attached to you if they have orgasms with you. Then they will get attached to their baby. We don’t know much about the role of oxytocin in men, just that it is also released during orgasm.
  3. Endorphins: blocks the feelings of pain.
  4. Testosterone: present 7 to 8 times more in men than women, testosterone plays a lot of different roles, from muscle building to sperm production. It also regulates sex drive for both men and women. A lot of testosterone -> desire for a lot of sex.
  5. Serotonin: it plays a role in your mood and is believed to reduce depression.
  6. Estrogen: primarily present in women, estrogen regulates the menstrual cycle. It also increases sexual desire. For men, it plays a role in testosterone regulation.
  7. Noradrenalin: it stimulates the body for physical action.
  8. Vasopressin: it plays a role in sexual stimulation and pair bonding.
  9. Prolactin triggers breast milk production in women, as well as breast growth. The hormone also plays a role in the menstrual cycle. For men, prolactin plays a role in sperm production.

When you have no orgasm, your brain has to make do without these hormones. It can be tough.

In a way, the flatline is a vicious circle.

image 14
The nofap vicious circle.

Until at least, the body “wakes up” and gets out of the flatline.

3. The Nofap Benefits (God Mode)

The benefits is the last step in your nofap journey. It happens when:

  • Your brain has arguably gotten rid of its porn addiction
  • You no longer see girls as sex objects but as human beings
  • Your horniness is back – with a kick
  • You overflow with energy
  • You can’t stop thinking about sex
  • You are almost capable of giving yourself an orgasm simply by imagining an intercourse
  • Your balls are about to explode
  • You are super social
  • You feel sharp and focused
  • You have better self-esteem

These are only a few of the nofap advantages I have experienced.

Many men also experienced a boost of testosterone which changed their appearances (enlarging the jaw for example) and makes them more attractive.

Not gonna lie, this step in nofap is nice!

It won’t last forever though.

When you don’t voluntarily ejaculate, your body does it for you (it’s called a wet dream).

The effects of God Mode stop then, which is good.

Going too long without sex or an orgasm will make you obsessed with it, and you’ll spend your days fantasizing about it.

I believe that God Mode exists not so you can build a business, but because you need all of your energy to find a girl and have sex as soon as possible.

If you don’t your body will shut down and self-destroy.


Here’s my theory – which the nofap community doesn’t like at all.

The purpose of a species is to reproduce and become stronger over time as explained by Darwin a few centuries ago. This explains why Nature favors those at the top of the hierarchy and kills the ones at the bottom.

In the end, it makes the species stronger.

Someone who isn’t having sex at all, from the perspective of Nature, will appear as being rejected by women. This means he is not a suitable man, which means he is weak and low-value, which means he should die.

It’s therefore not surprising that in the long-term, not ejaculating is an invitation for your body to kill you.

Such a principle also exists for women – but it’s more vicious.

Did you ever hear of nun’s disease?

Back to when there were still nuns, doctors noticed a lot of them developed a disease in their breasts. It was breast cancer. They couldn’t understand why so many nuns had breast cancers while other women did not.

Here’s why.

At every menstrual cycle, breast cells divide to make the breasts bigger because the girl’s body expects to be impregnated (which explains why your girlfriend’s boobs evolve in size throughout the month).

When the girl gets pregnant, this cycle stops for 9 months, the length of pregnancy.

Women that don’t have kids have their breasts cells dividing and multiplying every month with no interruption.

In case there are some cancerous cells in the breasts, the monthly divide helps them multiply, which makes the cancer progress even faster.

Now, this mechanism isn’t the interesting part. What is interesting though, is the meaning. Women that don’t have kids have their bodies eventually turning against them.

It will anger more than one person reading this, I don’t care. Deal with it, welcome to reality, b*tch.

Men not ejaculating are exposed to the same results as women not having kids (kids and ejaculation being intimately linked to each other.)

To nature, a long-term Eunuch and a childless woman mean the same thing.

They’re not attractive enough to reproduce and hence, “must die.”

6. Is Nofap Healthy?

Nofap itself isn’t unhealthy. What is unhealthy is not ejaculating for too long.

Overall, there were no serious long-term studies that were made on the impact of nofap on health. What we know for sure is that porn is unhealthy.

If it takes nofap to break your porn addiction, so be it.

If you want to know how to practice something the best way, try to imagine how the cavemen would do it.

Were the cavemen watching porn? No.

Were they having sex often? Likely.

Masturbating? Probably yes, but not 10 times a day.

My third nofap ended up with a complete loss of appetite, but that’s also because I was doing daily emotional releases with stretching, which is a another story for another time.

Bottom line: nofap is a tool, not an end in itself.

If it’s making your life unbearable, stop it.

7. My Experiences With Nofap

I did nofap countless times and failed for various reasons. But I managed to do it twice fully. Once for 101 days, and once for 165 days.

1. My First Nofap Experience

My first nofap experience happened after I read Your Brain on Porn written by Gary Wilson. I realized I was addicted to porn and that it negatively impacted my life, so I aimed at nofapping for 100 days.

The timeline went like this.

  • 3rd of January 2016: first day

The first week was hard. I became horny and had to fight with myself not to fap. I avoided spending time in my bedroom as much as possible not to be tempted. And I smoked weed to fall asleep not to rely on fapping.

Since I never fapped without porn, not watching porn actually helped not fapping. The goals were supporting each other.

The initial period culminated with a wet dream.

  • 24th day: wet dream
  • 25th day: flatline

I then entered the flatline in what was a roller-coaster of emotions.

Mind that at the time, I was depressed, did not exercise, ate unhealthy food, did not have a purpose, almost no friends, etc. My emotions weren’t influenced by the nofap, but certainly were amplified by it.

Emotions depend on so much that it would be unscientific to attribute their cause to one thing only.

  • 77th day: out of the flatline and start to have crazy energy and focus

I got out of the flatline quickly and started experiencing the crazy energy and focus. I was restless. I cut down my study time by three and got higher grades. I could focus better, understood things faster, and my mind was clear and constantly racing. I estimate I gained 20 IQ points doing nofap.

These mental perks never left afterward.

  • 87th day: wet dream

The rest of the days were spent in extra-high energy. I was talking to random people on campus, went out alone to clubs and bars to talk to girls, and had a lot of energy.

  • 101st day: end of the nofap

I couldn’t take it anymore and burst.

This first nofap is the one that has had the biggest impact on me. No other nofap was as big in comparison.

2. My Second Nofap Experience

I did the second nofap for two reasons. First, I was tired due to my carnivore diet and I thought nofap would help me have more energy. Second, I wanted to resolve my death grip syndrome.

What is the death grip syndrom?

The death grip syndrome is squeezing your penis too hard because you masturbate too often.

The repeated squeeze of your hand around the glans desensitized the nerve. Achieving an orgasm demands squeezing your verge ever harder to stimulate it. It destroys the nerve even more, and the whole thing becomes a vicious circle.

In the end, a vagina does not provide you with enough constrictions so that you can orgasm. You become incapable of coming – worse, you are incapable of experiencing pleasure during sex.

The only way to resolve your death grip syndrome is to stop masturbating altogether and let the nerve rebuild itself.

In the most extreme cases, it may take up to 6 months of not touching your verge to feel pleasure normally again.

Here’s the timeline for my second nofap.

  • 4th of May 2020: first nofap day
  • 50th day: wet dream
  • 70th day: subtle boost in creative energy
  • 80th day: wet dream
  • 135th day: extreme horniness, I cannot think of anything else but sex.
  • 165th day: end of the nofap

As you can see, this nofap was similar to the first one, except that it took longer for everything to happen. The first wet dream happened after a longer period of time, the flatline was longer, etc.

It also made me extremely horny to the point that I had to exercise extreme control not to start kissing everybody.

Was I more addicted to porn? No. But I was older. I suppose this is why it took longer.

3. My Third Nofap Experience

My third nofap experience was weird.

For the first 30 days, I didn’t have any problems.

After that, I began to eat less and less. I was tired, and I was constantly thinking about sex.

After two days of not eating at all, I decided to break the nofap.

I late found out that the loss of hunger was tied to the daily stretching for emotional release that I was doing.

I learned that nofap put a heavy toll on your body.

Don’t complicate your life by adding other stuff on top when you’re on nofap.

8. What Influences Your Nofap Experience?

  • Your age

Being an 18-year-old is not the same as being a 50-year-old. Your body is different, your experience is different, your brain is different.

You will most likely experience the benefits faster and stronger if you’re young than if you’re old.

  • Porn addiction

The more addicted you are, the longer the flatline will be.

Your porn addiction is measured by: the level of porn violence; the age when you started watching porn; how long you have been watching porn.

  • Your diet

A low-carb high-protein diet will make you have more testosterone. I suppose you’ll get out of the flatline faster, but it remains to be tested.

  • Your sleep

The more you sleep, the better it is for your brain, and the faster you will get out of the flatline (needs to be tested).

  • Your current self-esteem level

If you have high respect for yourself, you will be less likely to relapse into your porn addiction.

  • Your current social life

The more friends you have, the less lonely you will feel, the less likely you will relapse, the more likely you’ll get out of the flatline.

  • Whether you exercise or not

Again, the more you exercise, the better it is for your brain.

  • Your testosterone level

The higher, the better (up to a certain point). Testosterone depends on all the variables we have cited so far.

  • How often your brain triggers dopamine

This means the number of things you are addicted to: social media, phone, video games, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

The less addicted you are to the fewer things possible, the better it is.

9. How to Prepare for Nofap

  • Make a packed schedule

Men often masturbate when they have nothing else to do. The busier you are, the better.

  • Delete all your porn and block access to porn websites on your computer and phone


Use Site Blocker or another extension.

  • Eat healthily

One thing I noticed is that anything triggering dopamine was more likely to make me relapse. Drinking encouraged me to watch porn, which encouraged me to play video games, which encouraged me to be lazy, etc.

It’s a vicious circle.

  • Exercise

It will help you relax and decrease sexual tension.

  • Sleep enough

Everything is easier when you sleep.

  • Change the place of the furniture in your bedroom

It’s related to those damn habits. If you want to break a habit, changing the environment makes it easier.

  • Block porn sites

I use site blocker, but you’re free to use whichever extension you want.

10. Nofap Tracker

I designed a Google sheet for you to track your nofap experience so you can clearly identify the initial excitement, the nofap flatline, and the nofap benefits in a scientific manner.

nofap tracker pic1
The nofap tracker.

How does it work? In the first column, you have the number of days of your nofap. I suggest you write the first calendar day in the first cell so you don’t lose count. Add a cross next to the number every day.

The other columns exist to track the nofap stage you are in. Grade each variable from 0 to 10.

If your mood is 9, horniness is 8, attraction to girls is 10, energy is 9, and self-esteem is 9, then you are likely in the nofap benefits period.

If, on the other hand, your mood is 3, horniness is 0, attraction to girls is 0, energy is 3 and self-esteem is 2, you are likely in the flatline.

It will be easy to measure because I’ve added some graphs to the sheet.

chart nofap tracker
Charts on the nofap tracker help you identify when you enter the flatline.

This sheet will help you document your nofap and track it in a scientific manner.

And it’s free!

I would also recommend you to use Gof*ckingdoit. It’s a website where you pay money every time you don’t do something.

It helps with motivation!

11. Why You Will Fail

1. Bad Habits

Go read the summary of Atomic Habits to understand how habits are formed.

If you are used to fap after drinking, for example, you will have to stop drinking during your nofap so you don’t relapse.

2. Bad Environment

If you have nothing to do and there is a bed in the room with a screen and an Internet connection, it will be really hard not to fap.

Make sure your environment supports your nofap goal.

3. No Goal

With nofap, you need to know when to stop. Are you aiming at 30 days? 50? 100?

Make an achievable goal and stick to it. Most fapstronautes start with a 90-day goal as this is the average required time to start experiencing benefits.

If it seems way too much, start with a week. Then go for two weeks. Then three, until you reach 100 days.

4. No Support

It’s much easier to do nofap with a friend as you can talk about it and support each other. If you don’t have any friends willing to do that with you, then go online. The nofap subreddit is a nice place to discuss.

5. You Didn’t Use the Nofap Tracker

Use it. It’s much easier to do something when you can track your progress.

12. FAQ

1. Does nofap cure depression?

Porn can definitely affect you to the point you become depressed. If you have porn-induced depression, then nofap will help you cure it.

Note that you’d need to be pretty addicted to porn to be depressed from it. If it is your case, expect a pretty long flatline.

2. Should I ever masturbate again?

Of course! Masturbation is healthy and natural. The key is not masturbating too much, and never, ever masturbate to porn!

But you should not do nofap “forever”. Having regular orgasms is healthy, and if you can’t have sex, masturbation is the best solution.

3. How long does the flatline last?

It depends on:

  • How addicted you are to porn
  • For how long you have been watching porn
  • How early you began watching porn

2-3 months is the flatline period reported by most guys. The most extreme cases had flatlines that lasted 2 years and a half.

4. Can I have sex during nofap?

That depends on your goal and on the issues you aim to fix. If your purpose is to get rid of your porn addiction and reconnect with your sex partners, then sex during nofap is no problem.

5. Is fapping natural?


Fapping too much isn’t. And the death grip syndrome certainly isn’t natural either.

5. What’s the appropriate fapping frequency?

That depends on people. Ideally, you should not fap more than twice a day.

6. What happens if I relapse?

It’s ok. We’re all humans. I failed nofap countless times (probably 50 or so).

Nofap is a bit like getting rich. It’s hard, but you only need to succeed once, so do not worry.

The first thing to do is to assess the situation.

Why did you relapse? Were you drunk? Did you see a hot girl on TV? Were you bored?

The second thing to do is to make sure that the situation does not happen again.

Reset your nofap tracker to zero and start counting again the next day.

7. Is nofap worth it?


  • You are addicted to porn
  • Have a death-grip syndrome problem
  • Struggle with girls
  • Lack energy
  • Masturbate more than twice a day

Then yes, nofap is definitely worth it!

13. What If I Watch Porn Again?

Not gonna lie, never watching porn ever again will be difficult. Any movie you watch nowadays will have some kissing in it, which may trigger you.

Unless you isolate yourself on an island, not watching porn again will be hard.

The purpose is not to make it a habit.

Luckily, nofap will always be there for you if you need it.

14. Help and Resources

Here are three websites you can consult to learn more about nofap, porn consequences, etc.

If you enjoyed the article, please share it with people that will benefit from the information written here.

Best of luck!

Your Brain On Porn

The nofap subreddit

For more resources, head to

Photo by Maxim Potkin on Unsplash

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