How to Solve Constipation on a Carnivore Diet

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  • Take magnesium supplements.
  • Drink and move more.
  • Eat foods that make your intestine move (whether it is fiber or coffee).
  • Avoid foods that make you constipated (alcohol, dairy, fried food).

Constipation was a big problem during my experience with the carnivore diet.

Find out below the different ways I have managed to solve it.

This article was written for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.

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Solving Constipation While Staying on a Carnivore Diet

The first thing you need to understand is how fast your transit is.

Mine is pretty slow, which didn’t help. If it’s your case as well, then solving constipation on carnivore won’t be easy.

Nonetheless, I suggest you try the following.

1. Take Magnesium

There’s a clear link between a lack of magnesium and constipation. In fact, you may find out that too much magnesium quickly leads to diarrhea, the exact opposite.

Mark Sisson has written that 2/3rd of adults likely lack magnesium and he’s likely to be right.

Start by supplementing 200 mg, then increase to 400 mg. Some people go up to 800 mg, but it’s likely too much for most people. 400 mg is probably the sweet spot, but you need to investigate that for yourself.

2. Drink More

Constipation happens because your stool is too dry due to lack of water, or it gets dry as it’s not evacuated fast enough (we’ll see below why).

Drinking more can help you alleviate the problem.

3. Move More

Meat is the most nutritious food on earth. There isn’t much the body doesn’t take from digesting meat, which explains why carnivores don’t go to the bathroom often.

This also explains why the stool subsequently gets dry and why you get constipated.

Moving more can help your intestine contract and gets rid of the stool.

4. Eat Carnivore Food that Gets Your Intestine Moving

Your last option is to eat carnivore-friendly food that gets your intestine moving, like coffee.

5. Avoid Food that Worsens Constipation

The first one is alcohol. Alcohol dries your body and kills your flora, which worsens your constipation problems by a huge degree.

The second one is dairy. However, not all dairy is equal and it depends on individuals. I have no problem with yogurt and milk, for example. But cheese, especially “liquid” cheeses like Brie or Camembert are absolutely terrible for me.

The third is anything fried in vegetable oil.

Solving Constipation While Not Staying on a Carnivore Diet

5. Eat Fibers

Fibers help you avoid constipation in two ways.

  1. Fibers aren’t digested by the intestine which then seeks to get rid of them as soon as possible, hence preventing the stool to dry over time. This explains why vegans go so much to the bathroom all the time.
  2. Fibers absorb water and make your stool bulky which helps get rid of it.

I never managed to solve constipation without eating fiber.

I use fibers still today to alleviate constipation since I am fairly sensitive to it.

When I drink alcohol, for example, I always go get myself a kebab or salade before going to sleep in order to get the intestine moving.

Not a day goes by without me eating some vegetables (even though I don’t like them) as I know that a failure to do so will make me constipated.

If you don’t want to eat plants, you can always take fiber supplements.


  1. Take magnesium.
  2. Drink and move more.
  3. Eat food that makes your intestine move (whether it is fiber or coffee).
  4. Avoid foods that make you constipated.

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