Summary of No More Mr Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover

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  • WWI, feminism, and public schooling have broken the bond between boys and their fathers.
  • The last generations of boys grew up without a healthy male model and adopted as a result a feminized version of masculinity, called the Nice Guy Syndrome.
  • Nice Guys force themselves to live according to a set of rules they learned in their childhood as a result of not getting their needs met.
  • The pattern goes like this: I have needs -> they’re not met, probably because I am bad -> I have to be good to get my needs met. Nice Guys believe that they have to be perfect to get their needs met.
  • By trying to appear perfect in the eyes of everyone else, they cut themselves from their core masculinity which prevents them from being happy and fulfilled.
  • They expect other people to fulfill their needs if they behave well, and become rageful and frustrated when they don’t.
  • To recover, Nice Guys must understand that they have to put their needs a priority, change the way they think and act, face their fears, and express themselves clearly.

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What No More Mr. Nice Guy Talks About

No More Mr. Nice Guy is a book written by the psychiatrist Dr. Robert Glover. It explains how societal changes have taken away boys’ role models which leads them to seek everyone’s approval constantly. The book is a proven method to help men reclaim their masculinity and get the life they desire.

This book is by far the best book for men’s mental health.

10/10. If you’re a man and you’re struggling in your life, read it (do not let the ugliest cover in the history of books discourage you).

If you have never read it, do yourself a favor and buy a copy. Don’t read the summary.


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