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Find below a bunch of resources that I use or articles that I saved.

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Please do not blindly trust me, always do your own research before signing up or buying something.

Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tech


  • Marketing Sheet: Every possible and imaginable way to market your product or service



Youtube Channels and Podcasts:

  • My First Million: a podcast on business ideas and how to develop them. Listening to a few episodes will shift your mindset, but then MFM is more of an entertaining podcast than a serious business podcast.
  • The Game by Alex Hormozi: Hormozi is a legit business guy, but I have never listened to his podcast.
  • Masters of Scale: a podcast on how to create and scale your startup. Never listened to it either.
  • We study billionaires: self-explanatory. Never listened to it either.
  • How to Take Over the World: a podcast about powerful historical figures. I have listened to one episode. It was ok.
  • (un)sexy: a podcast about boring businesses that make money. Never listened to it either.

Newsletters and Websites:

  • Morning Brew: targeted newsletters about business, marketing, etc.
  • The Hustle: business and tech newsletter. It’s not so good.
  • a business trends newsletter. If you like directories of things, this is THE BEST newsletter you can find.
  • Exploding Topics: trends newsletter. I am addicted to it.
  • Business Lab | MIT Technology Review: tech and other stuff newsletter + blog
  • Product Hunt: it’s a platform where people can launch their startups. It’s great to know about the latest of the latest products that are being made.
  • Digiday: blog about tech news
  • Techcrunch:
  • HackerNews: one of the most famous content aggregators on the internet. Mainly for geeks.
  • a premium content website with a newsletter, articles, web and live events, and a community of about 15k entrepreneurs. Part of I got the student subscription for $78 a year because I was curious. I ended up spending a few hours on the site and never returned. Absolutely not worth the $350🤡. You’re must better off buying Glimpse or Exploding Topic then clown subscriptions like Trends. The community is nice, but it’s on Facebook and most people do nothing there. Alternatively, you can just go to if you want to hang out with other entrepreneurs. It’s free too.
  • an entrepreneurial forum with a paid section for the best content.
  • 3 things: a newsletter where you get business ideas every week.
  • Glimpse: a trends newsletter. I am addicted to it.
  • First 1000: how companies and startups acquired their first 1000 customers.
  • Seedtable: European startup
  • European startups
  • Sifted: European startups
  • Failory: a newsletter + website dedicated to startups that fail. IMO it’s immensely valuable as this is something the traditional media rarely talk about. The guy that does it is not really good though. He’s an excellent business guy, but not a very good content writer. So if you want to start a business newsletter, this would be it.

Articles worth reading from other blogs

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