Summary of 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

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12 Rules for Life

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Book published in: 2017

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  • Life is chaotic. Too much chaos drives us insane because it prevents us from taking action.
  • Hierarchies (preferences) help us prioritize. When we prioritize, we establish order in the chaos.
  • Life is suffering. We should not shield ourselves from it, but become strong enough to handle the pain.
  • A harmless person is weak. A strong person is strong because he knows his potential for evil – and he has it under control.
  • Once strong, you should seek to become stronger. A purpose, a vision, helps you do so.
  • Pay attention to what happens, tell the truth (don’t lie), and be specific in your speech. They help you prevent chaos. They help you confront yourself with the tough reality of life which spurs growth.
  • Do not remove the danger, as it will weaken and bore you.
  • In the midst of tragedy, chaos, and suffering, take the time to enjoy the little moments that make you happy and make you forget your burden. They help you stay sane.

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