The Ultimate Article on Having More Energy and Stopping to Be Tired All the Time

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Warning 1: you’re at risk of literally “losing your mind” by applying everything written in this article. Today’s society won’t cater to your needs the same way a tribe would. As a result, practice extreme caution when changing your habits, and monitor your drive at all times.

Warning 2: this article was written from a male perspective, and I have no idea how it can be applied to females. I am sure however, that it can’t be that different.

Warning 3: this article was written for entertainment purposes only. Consult a medical practitioner before changing your lifestyle.


  • Cut cheap dopamine activities (notifications, screens, etc)
  • Cut junk food and replace it with whole foods
  • Get more sun/vitamin D
  • Exercise daily
  • Make friends you’re excited to meet with
  • Improve your sleep
  • Fap less
  • Get a meaningful purpose
  • Heal your mind if it disturbs you

There are three reasons why you have low energy.

  1. You’re engaging in energy vampirizing activities.
  2. You’re not getting everything you should get.
  3. Your body has no reason to create more energy.

We will go through these three points one by one, as they make up 99% of the reasons why you’re low on energy (the remaining 1% concerns the people that have low energy due to actual diseases for which I can do little).

At the end of the article, you will have a complete roadmap to transform your life from low energy, to high energy.

If you’re depressed, you likely have a depressing life.

Andrew Tate

Likewise, if you’re tired, you probably have a life that makes you tired.

This article will help you fix it.

Let’s go.

1. You’re Engaging in Energy Vampirizing Activities

We start with this one as it’s the easiest to fix.

Energy vampirizing activities are activities that monopolize the attention of your brain and exhaust it.

All you need to do is to stop doing them.

Of course, you’re likely addicted to them by now, so it won’t be easy.

You need to decide for yourself what you want: lose your time on TikTok, or live a happy life in the real world?

I can’t take decisions for you. I can only show you the best course of action based on my readings and experience.

A. Social Media and Screen Time

All social media that decrease your attention span, or distract you with notifications, should go to the trash.

That’s almost…all social media.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Reddit
  4. Snap
  5. TikTok (by far the worst)
  6. All dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, etc)
  7. Twitter
  8. Pinterest

I once wrote to Medium asking them to add an option to disable all notifications as I had gotten addicted.

And I left a forum because I was also addicted to the notifications there.

Bottom line: addictions exhaust your brain.

Digital addictions are by far the worst ones.

Overall, any type of screen time will exhaust you.

TV, series, Netflix, video games…everything.

Minimize screen time as much as you can. My phone is always in sleeping mode, and I hide it from my view when I work.

I don’t download apps for social media. I use the webapp they have (I access the platform from Google).

Why is social media exhausting?

There are a couple of reasons.

  1. Information overload: information overload is an over-abundance of information that fatigues your brain as it cannot process such a volume.
  2. Emotional fatigue: when we scroll, we compare ourselves to the people we see which is nagging, exhausting, and depressing.
  3. You’re constantly focused: in the book Hooked, Nir Eyal explains that addictive products trigger cues that compel you to use them. These cues increase your heart rate. After too many of them, you get exhausted.

B. Porn

As of today, I have not watched porn since the 6th of April 2022. Definitely changed my life for the better.

I won’t go too much into this as I have already written the summary of Your Brain on Porn.

So, very briefly:

  • Porn is as addictive as cocaine.
  • Porn changes the structure of the brain which then experiences less pleasure, which leads to depression.
  • Porn gets people used to sex that isn’t real sex.
  • Porn is the major cause of erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Porn destroys relationships and ultimately, society.

And of course, it sucks the sexual energy out of you.

Quit it.

Quit it now.

And never look back.

Why is porn exhausting?

This article summarizes it very well.

  1. In general, your body is tired after an orgasm. You have accomplished “your mission” and want to fall asleep.
  2. The extreme stimulation fatigues your brain which has never been built to be subjected to such images.
  3. The high level of dopamine you get exhausts your brain which isn’t supposed to receive as much.

C. Fapping

I am not against fapping per se, but I definitely think that jerking off twice a day is too much.

Once again, your sexual energy is going out the window and your self-esteem likely takes a hit, with or without porn.

Decrease fapping gradually, from once a day, to once a week.

Once a week is reasonable.

If you want Hulk-like levels of energy, then consider going on a nofap.

Beware that you won’t reach “God mode” right away, will take until you get out of the flatline.

If you have no idea of what I am talking about, I have written the best nofap article on the Internet, which you can read here.

D. Annoying People

Annoying people are exhausting. But the truth is that it’s better to be with annoying people than to be alone.

So you need to get a new social circle if you’re around annoying people.

This article will help you.

If your job entails talking to people the entire day, try to work in another department at your company. Or look for another job.

Why are annoying people exhausting?

Actually, that depends on your character. Introverts lose energy talking to people. Extroverts gain energy talking to people.

And there are people that are both: those who lose energy talking to annoying people, and gain it talking to interesting people.

Annoying people are exhausting because you can’t be fully yourself in their presence. You can’t tell them they’re annoying, and you can’t tell them to stfu either, so you have to make efforts to tolerate their presence.

Repressing feelings of annoyance is draining. It’s the same thing than to take the plane with a crying baby.

E. Trauma

Some traumas are so intense that they suck your energy because they occupy your mind all of the time.

The best thing to get rid of traumas is therapy (I recommend cognitive-behavioral therapy).

If therapy is out of your means, then you can always write your memories and deal with them this way.

Why are traumas exhausting?

Traumas are unprocessed emotions. Because these emotions are unprocessed, your body remains “stuck” in the state you were in when the trauma happened.

This state usually entails stress. Stress though, isn’t meant to be felt constantly, but only in situations of danger. Traumas transform your life in a situation of danger.

2. You’re Not Getting Everything You Should Get

1. Sun

There’s a reason why the Spanish and Italians have so much energy.

Unfortunately, one of the few ways to get more sun is to move to a new place.

The alternative is to take vitamin D. If you’re in the EU, move to Spain. If you’re in the US, move to Arizona, or Nevada.

Why does the sun give people energy?

The sun doesn’t give you energy per se, but it helps you create vitamin D and serotonin, two components you need to be healthy.

2. Nutrients

I could have put “junk food” in the vampirizing section, but I didn’t because you need to replace bad food with good food and bad food prevents you from getting what you need.

What is good food?

We’ll keep it simple and say that good food is food found as such in nature.

Replace junk food with whole foods.

  • Chicken nuggets -> chicken breast.
  • Jam -> whole fruits
  • Cereales -> rice, corn
  • Soda -> sparkling water.

Quit every food that has a list of ingredients.

Exceptions are yogurt (Greek), and (real) cheese.

Ideally, you should eat meat, veggies, fruits, and dairy products if you can handle them.

And nothing else. Beer and wine are tolerated.

Next Level

If you want energy levels through the roof, the best diets for that will be the keto diet or even better, the carnivore diet.

Be careful though, as it may get extreme. Your brain will be clear, your creativity, through the roof, and your sex drive, high.

I once was on the following lifestyle:

  • No porn and nofap
  • Carnivore diet
  • Gym 4X a week

My sex drive was so high that for the safety of everyone involved, I quit nofap.

Make sure you can cater to your needs.

Why does the keto diet boost your levels of energy?

It’s not that it gives you more energy, but that it doesn’t give you sugar crashes.

When your body receives the sugar, it increases insulin which tells your cells to absorb the sugar. Your cells have now energy they must spend on something. This explains why kids run everywhere after eating cake. The rest of the sugar is transformed into glycogen and stored as a mid-term energy source. Once the sugar your cells have absorbed runs out, the energy level crashes and you feel tired.

On a keto diet, your body uses fat for energy instead of sugar. That fat is transformed into ketones by your liver. The ketones are the ones feeding your body with energy. Since transforming fat into ketones is a long process, there is no such thing as an energy crash. So, instead of having “a lot of energy” then “none at all”, your energy level is constant throughout the day.

Your mood too.

C. Fulfilling Relationships

I know I have said this above but it’s worth repeating.

There are two types of people: those you want to see, and those you do not.

Try to cut the second type and focus on exciting people.

Now, the key to meeting exciting people is to be exciting yourself. The lifestyle changes you have read so far should help you out towards that objective.

There’s nothing more depressing than meeting up with friends you don’t enjoy the company of.

Become a high-value person -> attract high-value people.

D. Sleep

Believe it or not, but if you don’t sleep (well) enough…you’re unlikely to have energy.

There are several things to do to make sure you get a good night of sleep.

  1. Blue light filters. Once the sun is down, wear blue light filtering glasses, especially if you watch a screen at night.
  2. Get a comfortable bed. You’ll spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so it’s worth every penny you can invest.
  3. Minimize noise in the bedroom.
  4. Minimize sunlight. You can have some high-quality blinds, or simply wear a sleeping mask.
  5. Sleep in the cold. Ideally, your bedroom should not be warmer than 18C. I sleep best in 12C (but not everyone is as insane as I am).
  6. Stretch before going to sleep. Stretching helps you release the tension and relax so you can focus on your body instead of focusing on your life.
  7. Take some supplements: magnesium, chamomile, lavender, are all substances that will help you fall asleep. You can also take melatonin if you really struggle.
  8. Always wake up at the same hour. No matter how long you have slept, try waking up always at the same hour, including during the weekend. You will mess up your sleep cycle otherwise.
  9. Exercise every day. When you don’t get exercise, you become simultaneously more tired and more unlikely to fall asleep. Speaking of this….

3. Your Body Has No Reasons to Create More Energy

A. Exercise

Exercise is the primary reason that your body has to create more energy.

The less I do, the more tired I am. The more sports I do, the more energy I have.

Why is that? Because the body is extremely efficient with energy. If it has no reason to make some, it won’t.

That’s why everyone is inherently and naturally lazy.

We only act when we really need to.


  1. A bear approaches the encampment -> let’s run.
  2. Your stomach gurgles -> let’s go get some food.
  3. You’re bored -> let’s go do something.


Exercising both tires your body so you get a good night of sleep, and get your body to produce more energy during the day.

I hate my office job because I have to sit the entire day. It’s awful. It’s frustrating. And it’s boring.

So, I often fall asleep at the office.

I am a much more active “field” person. I used to run workshops for tourists, sometimes working up to 16h/day.

I had never had as much energy as I did back then!

Why does exercise make you have more energy?

When you exercise, your brain directs the cells to produce more energy, which increases…your energy.

Your brain also releases endorphins that make you feel good. Finally, there’s more oxygen in your body, which helps it create more energy.

B. Purpose

If you have no reasons to wake up in the morning…why would you?

One of my main energy vampires is boredom.

I get bored quickly. And when I am bored, I am tired. That’s why I can’t go to clubs and bars for longer than two hours without falling asleep, or finding people to make fun of people.

That’s how this blog started in the first place. I was bored.

Having an exciting purpose, an exciting reason to wake up in the morning, is the one thing that will impact your energy levels the most.

If you don’t have an exciting life, why should you be excited?


The alliance of:

  • No dopamine activities
  • Lots of sun
  • A healthy (keto, carnivore, paleo) diet
  • Daily exercise
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Good sleep
  • Nofap
  • A meaningful purpose
  • A healthy mind

is the key to living a life full of energy.

You don’t need supplements.

You need to get off your *ss and start to change your lifestyle.

You now have all of the elements to do so.


I have made a weekly plan to help you slowly move your lifestyle from a low-energy one to a high-energy one.

The most important thing isn’t to delete your habits, but to make sure you replace them with something else.

Week 1Delete TikTok. Sorry, but this is non-negotiable. It’s frying your brain. While you can keep Instagram, you will have to delete TikTok.
You don’t have to do anything else for this week. If deleting TikTok is too hard, replace it with Twitter. It’s not as bad. You can delete Twitter later on.
Week 2Uninstall all of your social media apps from your phone. Reddit, IG, all of them. Use the computer to consume content if you still want to.
Side note: if it’s too hard, just keep one (I kept Instagram)
Develop a nighttime routine that will help you not get tempted to doom-scroll. Mine is the following:
Monday: Walk/writing
Tuesday: Martial art lesson/volleyball/writing
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Bar
Saturday: Gym
Sunday: Gym
Walking outside is the easiest. I usually listen to a podcast when doing so.
Week 3Delete porn. If it’s too hard to fap without porn, then go on a nofap too.
Week 6We leave things as they are for week 4 and week 5. No need to add more difficulties. Now that you have gotten rid of porn and social media, it’s time to get rid of junk food.
1. Finish all of your junk food.
2. Make a list of food to buy at the supermarket and stick to it.
When you go keto, you only eat twice a day. I eat eggs and lard in the morning, and beef at night. Sometimes greek yogurt. That’s about it. If junk food is too tempting, give yourself the option to eat McDonald’s once a week.
Week 7Let’s take care of your sleep. Try to go to sleep 15 minutes earlier than usual if you go to sleep later than 22h00, and try to go to sleep no later than midnight if you go to sleep after midnight.
Set up an alarm clock so you know when you should go to sleep.
Get some chamomile tea if you have trouble falling asleep, and do 1-2 minutes of stretching.
Week 8This week, you will choose whether you want to find fulfilling relationships or a purpose.
If you already have a purpose but don’t really know how to achieve it, read this.
If you want to get more relationships, read this.

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