Finance, Economics, and Crypto Resources

Finance resources
Finance resources

Find below a bunch of resources that I use to enquire about finance, economics, and crypto.

The links you click on may be affiliate links.

Crypto is a place FULL of scams.

Please do not blindly trust me, always do your own research before signing up or buying something.

Finance, Economics, and Crypto



Blogs and Newsletters:

  • Marginal Revolution: a blog created by US economists Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabbarock
  • Investopedia: a blog that helped me pass my finance exam.
  • Mises Institute: a blog helping you understand economics and economic theory.
  • Coindesk: a blog about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.
  • A place to track crypto prices, ICOs, your own portfolios, NFTs, and more.

Youtube Channels and Podcasts:

  • Macro Voices: a podcast discussing the stock market and diverse investment opportunities, by Erik Townsend, hedge-fund manager.
  • Smarter Market: a podcast discussing the future of financial markets by Erik Townsend, hedge-fund manager.
  • Finematics: a Youtube channel that explains important concepts in crypto.
  • Ray Dalio: founder and co-CEO of the biggest hedge-fund in the world. He also writes on Linkedin. Very interesting since he takes a historical perspective on everything that is happening.
  • PolyMatter: a legit Youtube channel that explains a lot of economic stuff.
  • Economics Explained
  • Khan Academy: they don’t only teach about economics, but they are worth checking out.
  • Bloomberg and CNBC (don’t hate, they actually make 10-15 minutes videos on interesting topics)

Financial and crypto companies providing services:

  • Revolut: your bank, entirely online, with amazing rates to buy currencies, crypto, commodities, get healthcare insurances, and book holidays.
  • N26: an online bank to open accounts in most EU countries.
  • Wise (formerly Transferwise): like Revolut
  • buy and sell crypto, get cashback in crypto
  • Nexo: borrow money depending on your crypto staking
  • Bitpanda: a European crypto exchange
  • Kraken: a cheap and secure crypto exchange
  • Binance: one of the biggest crypto marketplaces (has been blocked in most countries, beware).
  • Trustwallet: a wallet for your crypto
  • Kucoin: a crypto exchange to buy small-cap coins
  • Degiro: a secure and cheap stockbroker
  • a crypto exchange to buy most coins

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