How Jordan Peterson Made $89 379 668 With 11 Income Streams

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  • Jordan Peterson earned approximately $89 million since getting into the public eye in 2017.
  • The bulk of Peterson’s money comes from book sales and conferences.
  • Peterson has eleven income streams at the moment and is about to add a twelfth one.

According to my calculations which you can read below, Jordan Peterson earned at least $89 379 668.

This isn’t a typo.

After a friend of mine sent me a video where Peterson details a part of his income, I thought it’d be fun to calculate how much he makes in total.

I also thought it could help creators have new income stream ideas.

While he sounds impressive, Jordan Peterson is, in the strict sense of the term, “just” an online creator.

At this stage, he’s probably one of the richest ones, along with Joe Rogan, Pewdiepie, and the Paul brothers.

While the article explains how I got to the number of $89 379 668, the truth is that Peterson is likely much richer than that, with a fortune between $100 and $150 million.

You’ll see why.

Without further ado, here are Jordan Peterson’s twelve (known) sources of income.

And how much each of them makes.


Table of Contents

1. Book Sales: $30 Million So Far

Let’s start with the most obvious. Jordan Peterson is an acclaimed author with four books:

  1. Maps of Meaning
  2. 12 Rules for Life
  3. Beyond Order
  4. An ABC of Childhood Tragedy: yes, nobody knows this book. It’s still for sale on Amazon but even Peterson doesn’t sell it on his website. Go figure.

Normally, most book sales are secrets.

However, there’s a trick to estimate how much a book has sold: Amazon reviews.

The ratio is roughly 1 comment for 250 sales.

Let’s do the math.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

2 968 + 61 970 + 14 930 + 123 = 79 991 reviews.

79 991 reviews X 250 = 19 997 750 books sold.

Peterson earns $1.5 on each book, which makes a total of $29 996 625.

Now…these are only the English language book sales.

Peterson’s work was translated in (wait for it) 45 languages.

I am too lazy to check the number of reviews for each book in each language, but if we reasonably suppose that he sold 10% of what he sold in English (he likely sold more), he made at the very least $30 million out of his book sales.

2. Tours: €44 208 450 So Far

Book sales are to Jordan Peterson what iTunes is to singers: pocket money.

Peterson makes (by far) the bulk of his money with tours.

When I went to watch Jordan Peterson in Tallinn (Estonia), I bought my ticket for €33. It wasn’t the cheapest, but it wasn’t the most expensive either.

The ticket price was roughly 45€ in Helsinki (Finland) in comparison.

I’ll therefore take the mean (€39) as a basis to calculate how much Peterson makes with his tours.

Each event brings in between 3 000 to 10 000 people, which I can believe. The mean would be 6.5k people per event, but that seems a bit too much.

So I’ll assume Peterson has 5 000 people per event instead on average.

Peterson has done 128 events for 12 Rules for Life and 101 for Beyond Order (he has 27 new events planned from the 2nd of February, but I won’t count them).

That’s 229 events.

All that is left is to calculate how much the concert hall takes.

Generally, concert halls take a maximum of 1% of the ticket price. Since I’d rather underestimate how much he earns rather than the opposite, that’s the baseline I’ll take.


  • With 229 events X 5 000 people, Peterson sold 1 145 000 tickets.
  • With an average price of 39€ per seat, Peterson earned €44 655 000.
  • €44 655 000 X 0.99 (the 1% the concert hall took) = €44 208 450

Consider that I am only counting the tickets sold. Jordan sells more stuff at his events that I didn’t calculate (10-minute meetup for €250, pictures, etc).

3. Youtube Channel: €1 million Per Year And Increasing

According to speakrj, Peterson has:

  • 6,310,000 subscribers
  • 641 videos
  • 503.7M of total views

Lots of different websites estimate his yearly earnings anywhere between €20k to €900k.

Given the fact he also has his own sponsors in the videos…I would completely randomly estimate Peterson’s YouTube revenues (ads + sponsors) at around €1 million per year.

Too much? Maybe.

4. Podcast: $320 000 Per Year And Increasing

Peterson has a podcast that you can listen to on Spotify (and YouTube).

That podcast has several sponsors at the beginning, the middle, and the end.

Apparently, you can earn between $18 to $50 per 1000 listeners, although Peterson likely gets a better deal, but I won’t count on that.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any stats from Spotify itself.

Let’s assume that Peterson has on Spotify 20% of the audience he gets on YouTube.

Since his YouTube has 503 million views for 641, each video receives on average 784 000 views.

20% of this is 156 800.

Now, let’s imagine that Peterson does not get a better advertising deal, and caps his earnings at $34 (mean of $18–$50 per 1000 views).

That would make his earnings at 156.8 X $34 X 2 sponsors = $10 662 per episode.

If he publishes 30 episodes per year, that’s $320k.

5. Self-Authoring: $300 000 Yearly

Still with me?

The self-authoring is a writing program that costs $30. Now, I assume Jordan needs to share the profits with his two associates, Robert O. Pihl and Daniel M. Higgins.

Let’s say he earns $10 ($30/3) per person who signs up. The website pretends that over 10 000 people have taken it, but I think the real number is much higher.

So I went on SpyFu.

SpyFu says that the website receives 10 977 SEO clicks monthly (SpyFu underestimates my own traffic by 100%, so this number is likely twice higher), which makes 131 724 clicks per year, from the US alone.

People don’t end up on this website randomly, but with a purpose. So I assume he converts 10% of the people that come on the website, or 30k people.

$10 X 30 000 = $300 000 yearly.

These are some extra low estimates, since we didn’t look at the data for other countries, just for the US.

6. Understand Myself: $55 944 Per Year

Understand Myself is a psychology test to understand your personality.

It’s a bit cheaper, $10 per person. Jordan built it with the same team he used for the Self Authoring, so I assume once again he needs to share the $10 with two other people.

According to SpyFu, the website receives 14k clicks per month, which is 168 000 per year…from the US alone.

Same calculation as above:

$3.33 X 16 800 = $55 944.

7. Essay Writing App: $32 538 Since Inception

The essay writing app is an app developed by Julian Peterson, Jordan’s son. I hence assume that they split the profits 50/50 since it’s mainly advertised by Jordan.

Besides that, the first thing to know about the app is that it’s not an app.

It’s a SaaS. It’s a SaaS that looks like the child of Grammarly and ChatGPT, helping you write better essays but nobody really cares.

What we do care about is that it’s priced at $6/month, $48/year, or $249 forever.

The website has NO SEO whatsoever, so it’s impossible to find it unless you really want to.

Yet SpyFu estimates that 7 560 people visit it monthly (Jordan plugs it often in his content and tours).

According to Spyfu, the app was launched in May 2022.

9 months X 7 560 (underestimated again since it is for US alone) = 68 040.

Let’s take a conversion rate of 1% this time (I imagine anyone smart enough to write essays won’t be dumb enough to sign up for this scam).

68 040 X 0.01 = 680.

Now let’s say that 45% took the monthly subscription and quit after a month (once again, underestimated), 45% took the yearly subscription, and 10% got the lifetime plan.

That’d be:

  • 306 people X $3 = $918
  • 306 people X $24 = $7 344
  • 68 people X $124.5 = $8 466

Total: $16 728

8. Patreon: $960 000 In Total

In the video I linked above, Jordan Peterson said he was making $80 000/month on Patreon.

He seems to have deleted it in 2019. Nonetheless, he does have a “donation” page on his website but it’s impossible to estimate what he’s been making out of it since then.

As a result, I have decided to add $80 000 X 12 months to his net worth, even though it was likely much more.

9. Merch

Peterson sells posters, playing cards, and stickers on his website.

The website receives 80 000 viewers per month from the US alone (likely more in real life), which would make 960 000 viewers per year from the US alone.

Since there’s everything there, it’s impossible to know how many people buy merch, and for how much they buy merch.

So I decided not to take it into account.

10. Daily Wire+: $660 000 Yearly

Daily Wire+ is like Disney+, but for US conservatives.

Jordan Peterson signed an agreement with them to create exclusive content, which he sometimes posts on his YouTube channel.

DW+ has three membership plans: $8, $12, and $14.

Let’s take the mean, which is $11. On a yearly basis, that’d be about $132.

DW+ had one million subscribers in November 2022, which means they make $132 million a year.

If Peterson gets just 0.05% of that (he likely gets double), that’d be about $660 000 per year.

11. Personality Course: $7 920 000 Since Inception

The Personality Course is Jordan’s priciest product. He uses Kajabi as CRM, some sort of Teachable, but much pricier (from $120/month).

This course seems to be a premium version of his “Understand Myself” quiz.

In any way, he sells the course for $99, and sold it to *at least* a whopping 80 000 people.

Let’s make the math:

  • 80 000 X $99 = $7 920 000

Minus the Kajabi subscription, of course.

12. Upcoming: The Peterson Academy

Selling courses makes so much damn money that Jordan Peterson is working with his daughter on the Peterson Academy, some sort of Udemy where ideology-free university professors will teach you their specialties.

The academy has not yet launched, so Jordan hasn’t yet made money out of it.

But you can be sure it’s an 8-figure business at the very least.

It’s now time to compute everything together.

Calculating Everything

  • €44 208 450 from tours
  • €1 000 000 from YouTube

Equal to €45 208 450. In USD at the current exchange rate (1.087, roughly), that’s $49 147 914.

Now let’s compute the rest in USD:

  • $30 000 000 in book sales
  • $320 000 from Spotify yearly (so it’s more in total)
  • $300 000 from Self Authoring yearly (so it’s more in total)
  • $55 944 from Understand Myself yearly (so it’s more in total)
  • $16 728 from the essay app since inception
  • $960 000 from Patreon (in total)
  • $660 000 yearly from DW+
  • $7 920 000 of Personality Course since inception

= $40 231 754.

$40 231 754+ $49 147 914 = $89 379 668.



Jordan Peterson is a money-making machine.

But this isn’t the best part.

The best part is that there are still many sources of income that I don’t know about (I know he had some sort of HR consulting company) or that I couldn’t compute.

So my estimates are *definitely* lower than Peterson’s real net worth.

The good news is that…well, there’s still money to make as a content creator 😉

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