Summary of The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

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Part IV: What Women Really Want

Chapter 29: Choose a Woman Who Chooses You

A man should never go after a woman that doesn’t want him as his neediness will make the relationship impossible.

Chapter 30: What She Wants Is Not What She Says

Women often want one thing and ask for the complete opposite as a test. If you’re a weak man, not only will you fail the test, but this will piss you off.

Men who want women to speak clearly and truthfully don’t understand the feminine divine. And the feminine divine deserves nothing less than the masculine divine.

The divine masculine is consciousness. A superior man practices maintaining full consciousness in all situations.

Your woman will ask you to do all kinds of things, every day. Do not allow yourself to be swayed from your truth, from the direction of your heart.

Chapter 31: Her Complaint Is Content-Free

Women complain for a variety of reasons that do not matter. The complaint is a sign that:

  1. She’s not receiving enough love from you.
  2. Her man is less masculine than he should be.

Don’t take what she says into account – and by all means, don’t do what she asks you to do.

Bottom line: if she complains you didn’t do the dishes, the problem isn’t about the dishes.

It’s you.

Chapter 32: She Doesn’t Really Want to Be Number One

If you make your girl the priority in your life, it means your mission no longer is. It also means you are less masculine than you were.

Bottom line: a girl should never be priority number one.

Although she would never admit it, she wants to feel that her man would be willing to sacrifice their relationship for the sake of his highest purpose.

If a woman has become the point of your life, you are lost. You have a gift to give, a purpose to fulfill, a deep heart-impulse that moves you. If you have lost touch with this impulse, then you will begin to feel ambiguous in your life.

Chapter 33: Your Excellent Track Record Is Meaningless to Her

To men, history and track record create admiration and respect.

To women, it means nothing.

The feminine responds to instant T. You can be nice for ten years and mean for 5 seconds, she’ll think you’ve been mean forever.

For the feminine, the past is entirely irrelevant. One wrong word in the midst of a five-hour lovemaking session that was otherwise perfect could collapse your woman as completely as if you had spent two hours making mistakes.

The fact that the past is irrelevant is both good and bad. It’s bad because no amount of good you’ve done in the past will make it up. It’s good because since the past is irrelevant, she’ll forget soon enough about that mistake.

Don’t justify, restore love and happiness.

Chapter 34: She Wants to Relax in the Demonstration Of Your Direction

Feminine women want you to lead them so they can relax.

This is true financially, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you don’t take the lead, if you’re not responsible, she will have to and won’t be able to relax.

How can you be more responsible?

You need to be more conscious, first by knowing your deepest purpose, then by managing your finances and spiritual life accordingly.

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