Summary of The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

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Part III: Working with Polarity and Energy

Chapter 23: Your Attraction to the Feminine Is Inevitable

Masculine men are attracted to feminine women. Attraction to feminine things is inevitable – don’t hide it.

If you do, it indicates shame related to your sexual core.

If you feel it is demeaning for a woman to be the “object” of your polar attraction, then you have probably disowned your masculine core. You have energetically emasculated yourself by condemning and suppressing your native desires. You are negating your sexual essence, rather than being at home with it.

A negative attitude related to your desires is a sign of fear. It means you learned that being attracted to women was bad.

It’s in fact beautiful and perfectly healthy.

Next time you feel attracted to a girl, relax your body. Savor the feeling.

Chapter 24: Choose a Woman Who Is Your Complimentary Opposite

If a man is very masculine by nature, then he will be attracted to a very feminine woman who will complement his energy

You are always attracted to your sexual reciprocal. So, if you have a more feminine sexual essence, you will be attracted to a more masculine woman.

10% of couples are balanced, with a neutral man and a neutral woman. 10% are invested, with a masculine woman and a feminine man. And finally, 80% of couples have a masculine man and a feminine woman.

Chapter 25: Know What Is Important in Your Woman

The feminine is the force of life. The more masculine a man is, the more his woman’s feminine energy will be important to him.

The more you seek a woman that will give you everything, the less you’ll get anything. A feminine woman won’t give you the masculine vibe of business, for example. You need to accept that.

A masculine man needs the refreshing presence of a feminine woman.

Let her be feminine. If you ask for some masculine qualities out of her, the polarity in the relationship will be weakened.

Chapter 26: You Will Often Want More Than One Woman

You will want to have sex with other girls, it’s unavoidable.

You should think and decide how you will react to that, taking your deeper purpose into consideration.

Chapter 27: Young Women Offer You a Special Energy

You feel happier around young women because they’re more feminine and alive. Older women had to build up masculine qualities to go through life and can rarely maintain their youthful energy.

Chapter 28: Each Woman Has a “Temperature” That Can Heal or Irritate You

Some women have warming energies, others have cooling energies. It’s important you know what you like so you can choose accordingly.

If you have a hot temper, a cool woman would probably be better.

But it also depends on your environment. If everything is hot at work all day, then you won’t want to go back to a hot woman.

That doesn’t mean you need to break up. You just need to hang out more with cool people.

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