Aphorisms You Should Know

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154. The countryside is more conservative than cities because people have more skin in the game of their jobs than in cities where technology acts as a buffer between the people and “the real world.” Being progressive is a privilege.

155. The truth rarely needs to be stated as most of the time, everyone is aware of it. When certain statements are repeatedly made with insistence, they’re more likely to be lies than to be the truth.

156. Women resent men who don’t lead well. But men resent women who unendingly challenge them.

157. Most people are stupid. The rest is evil. Very, very few people should be known.

158. If you need to explain why it matters, it probably doesn’t.

159. The problem with nitpickers is that if you engage them to argue about nitpicking, they nitpick even that. – Nassim Taleb

160. There isn’t a word you tell women that won’t be used against you. This is partly what makes them annoying – Anonymous

161. The problem with leftist revolutionaries is that they seek to resolve their personal problems through a complete change of political and economic regime. – Anonymous

162. By dint of revolutionizing, one loses their identity.

163. If all doctors were as competent in their line of work as comedians, a whole lot more people would die.

164. Theft is less prevalent in poorer countries because there is less to steal.

165. Nitpickers have no life. If they did, they wouldn’t nitpick.

166. In men’s unending war among themselves, p*ss* is the ultimate battleground to be conquered.

167. When you put men and women together, people are going to f**** regardless of their marital status. That’s just human nature.

168. Exceptional people can be differentiated from normal people by the fact that the more you know them, the more respect you have for them. It’s the opposite for normal people.

169. In mythology (and religion), women become evil when their husbands become weak or are simply inexistent (Cinderella, Hansel and Gretal, Adam and Eve, etc). Good lesson for life too.

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