Aphorisms You Should Know

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100. Religion is what happens when a nomadic society becomes sedentary.

In a nomadic society, a mistake can quickly cost people their lives, so they were more careful.

In a sedentary society, this isn’t the case, so rules had to be made up.

In essence, this is what religion is.

101. Colleges seek diversity in their student bodies because the chief function of diversity is to make elites feel better about themselves.

I stole this from Twitter, but I don’t remember who it was from.

102. If you don’t switch off the light in your hostel bedroom, no one will.

Initiative is the hardest lesson of all. The only difference between a founder and the first employee is the former took the initiative. That’s it.

103. People that bought the book “Atomic Habits” bought it because of the word “atomic”.

  • They thought that atomic (which means small) meant nuclear (which is big).
  • This explains why the book that inspired Atomic Habits called Tiny Habits, failed. And this is why James Clear’s original book called How to Change Your Habit also failed.

Three books, same content, one successful.

Crazy how one word can make a difference!

104. Athletes don’t get paid for their athletic performances. They get paid for the entertainment they provide.

Athletes’ primary job is entertainment.

105. People are naturally attracted to what is alike them, which explains why gentrification is the natural outcome in a “diverse environment”, and, simultaneously, why diversity has, is, and will always fail.

People bond over stuff they share (interests, religion, race, gender, height, etc). In a diverse setting, they will be quick to associate themselves with people alike. This will create groups. These groups subsequently seek dominance of the whole by fighting each other (Robbers Cave experiment, Conflict Theory).

Diversity, in effect, almost always leads to conflict.

This is why after WWII, any racial politics was forbidden in Europe – Europeans had had just the proof that differences divided people, not united them. Race became a taboo subject that should not be talked about.

In order to decrease the risk of a new war in Europe, Europeans sought to unite the continent under one nationality and political institution – the EU.

The Conflict Theory remains nonetheless, true. While diversity (of thoughts) improves creativity and problem-solving, it also increases nepotism, tribalism, and chances for violence.

106. The more a behavior is advocated for in the mainstream media, the more it goes against human nature.

107. The more something is repeated in the mainstream media, the more likely it is to be a lie.

When Chernobyl exploded, French media said the radioactive cloud had stopped “at the French border” and that “all was fine”.

An obvious lie.

If you’re looking for truth in society, look at the headlines. The truth is often the opposite.

To quote Nassim Taleb: “all rumors are false until officially denied”.

108. People that hate talking to others should not waste time learning languages.

109. Southern people want to hang out with people from their own country/culture in a foreign environment because they seek connection. Northern people want to hang out with other foreigners because they seek uniqueness. None of them wants to hang out with locals.

110. After someone acquired a lot of money, they usually try to acquire a lot of Twitter followers.

111. The number of cancers would likely fall if we invested the money for treatment research into yoga, whole foods, and banning sugar.

But since these things aren’t making any money, no one ever will.

112. If we can reframe our efforts as the price we pay to increase the probability, we’re always increasing the odds of success.

Credits go to Jack Butcher for this one. He explains the need to think in probabilities and not in expectations.

113. Gratefulness is a side effect of working hard for what you have. The opposite can be said of ungratefulness.

114. The reason why India struggles to catch on Ch!n@ is that they’re not eating enough meat.

IMG 20220609 101524
Meat consumption in India.

115. The biggest mistake of modernity was to understand and explain religion literally and not metaphorically.

The natural consequence is an abandonment of religion for degenerate ideologies like wokeness and veganism filling up the void.

Modernism truly is a disease. And it goes against Lindy.

116. Nothing is ever as bad or good as it sounds.

117. The average world of children is much more violent and mean than the average world of adults.

118. Nothing is more dangerous than a politically-engaged intellectual.

119. Most intellectuals (and politicians) are morons blinded by ideology and hatred.

They do not support who they say out of love for them, but out of hatred for their opponents.

120. Parisians are much nicer in Paris than outside of it.

When they get out, they realize they’re not as good as they thought. This leads them to have a sentiment of inferiority and they need to compensate by being overly rude, disrespectful, mean, aggressive, and sometimes, committing crimes.

121. Germany has not evolved since 1933.

It’s still an autocratic capitalist collectivist country, echoed by the words of Tony Judt in the book Postwar: “The denazification of Germany completely failed”. He didn’t know how correct he was.

122. France, Germany, and the UK are the worst countries in Europe.

After Latvia.

123. Speech helps us hide inconvenient truths.

It’s not a street that is dangerous. It’s the people that inhabit it.

It’s not a country that is corrupt. It’s the people that inhabit it.

124. In the past, people attended religious gatherings to receive their doses of propaganda. Today, they read the media.

125. Charisma comes from the profound enjoyment of fully being yourself.

126. People that say such a thing as “f*ck capitalism” have neither opened a history or an economics book. They should not be trusted.

127. The enlightenment may not be praised as much for the ideas it put forward, but for the ideas it put in the background: namely, the existence of an all-powerful God, and the absence of human’s responsibility in fate. 

128. Lack of intelligence can always be compensated with creativity or knowledge. If you’re dumb but you read 200 books, you’ll be more valuable than smart people that didn’t read any.

129. Free money encourages mediocrity.

130. It’s not the quote that makes a person great, but the “greatness” of a person that makes the quote memorable.

131. If the mainstream believes it, it’s likely a lie. If the mainstream does not believe it, it’s likely the truth.

132. In a private setting, people that defend themselves instead of apologizing will increase the animosity towards them. The faster they apologize, the better it will be.

In a public setting, it’s the opposite. Those who apologize are lynched by the mob. Those who counter-attack survive.

133. It is more polite to let the phone ring indefinitely than to decline a call.

134. Most people aren’t introverts. Their friends just suck.

Credits to Chris Willx.

135. When what’s free is low-quality, people will gladly pay for something better.

136. New knowledge that creates a lot of controversy often does so because there is some truth to it. New knowledge that doesn’t is likely to be completely false.

137. There’s plenty of space for what doesn’t exist yet.

138. When a religion advocates hurting people “in the name of God”, is it still a religion?

139. Religions have an uncanny capacity to make people feel guilty for being human.

140. Being street smart > being book smart.

141. Drug dealers never wonder if they are going to get laid.

142. Ethics is rooted in religion, but it is first and foremost rooted in emotions. Ethics are natural.

143. Religion is an attempt at making ethics universal.

144. Weak men make women mean.

145. “When $h*t hits the fan, everyone reverts to their natural gender role.”

Andrew Tate.

146. Religion wasn’t designed to be the opium of the people. It became.


147. Everyone in life is shilling something.

148. Money is not important – Rich Person.

149. Everyone is so nice here! – Hot Person

150. Sleeping with girls is so easy! – Tall/Muscle Guy

151. You need to accept yourself as you are. – Mentally Healthy Person

152. Life is simple – Smart Person

153. Take it easy. – Competent Person

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