Worldwide Butchery Directory: How and Where to Buy Cheap, Local, and Delicious Meat

As a carnivore, I always make sure to buy my meat locally and at the cheapest price possible. It is not easy. Most butcheries are B2C (business to consumers) and sell their meat at astronomical prices.

However, I came up with several strategies to be able to buy my meat at the best price.

1. Look for a slaughterhouse

Some slaughterhouses sometimes host internal markets or have wholesale butcheries located around, like in Brussels. Look for a slaughterhouse in your city, and if you can’t buy directly from them, see if they don’t have a butchery.

2. Look for B2B (wholesale) butcheries or meat sellers

If you thought restaurants bought beef for 20€/kg, think again. Restaurants buy their meat at wholesale prices, which can be up to three times cheaper.

Look for B2B butcheries and call them to see if there is a day in the week when you can come buy as a consumer. That’s what I did in Brugges.

3. Look for open air markets

Open-air markets often have meat producers or wholesales selling their meat at wholesale prices. That’s what I did in Warsaw.

4. Look for a farmer directly

If none of the options above are available then find the nearest farmer and call them or pay them a visit. Ask them how you can buy their meat at the cheapest price possible. Sometimes, they will be happy to sell some to you directly.

Find below a butchery directory. Right now, there aren’t many because I haven’t been traveling much, so I’ll add the new ones as I go.

The following butcheries are places where I have bought my meat, and that I recommend.


Just visit the website of the Febev. You will find a list of slaughterhouses and meat wholesellers in the entire country.

Brussels, Belgium

There is only one place to go buy your meat to: Foodmet. Foodmet is a giant hall with B2B butcheries that open for B2C on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can buy delicious meat for wholesale prices.


Brugges, Belgium

I used to go buy my meat at Bruges Vlees Centraal for wholesale prices.


Warsaw, Poland

There is a market every day around the halls called Hala Mirowska. You will find a lot of small butcheries selling all of the cuts you could ever dream of.

Alternatively, I sometimes went to Wierzejki.

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