For Those Who Want More

Find here a bunch of other products that I have built for different purposes.


Interesting people are interesting because they read interesting things. 

This Database contains summaries of the most powerful books about money, business, self-development, marketing, copywriting, dating, friendships, economics, philosophy, and leadership. 

You get lifetime access to all of the present and future summaries + exclusive summaries from controversial books. 


The Nofap Tracker was designed to help you identify which period of the nofap (initial excitement, flatline, god mode) you stand in. 

Just fill in each indicator every day, and a graph automatically appears showing you your overall mood and well-being.

If you don’t track your nofap, you won’t be able to understand it and you will relapse – guaranteed. Get this tracker. 

It’s free.

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This goal-setting dashboard’s purpose is to help you achieve your 10-year vision and goals. 

It focuses on weekly, monthly, semestrial, and annual goals that ensure that you will achieve them. 

Whatever goal you have, whatever variable you need to track, you can do it all in this Google sheet. 

It’s free. 


A Rolodex is a tool helping you centralize all of the people you know.

There are five leverages you can use to get rich. If you can access a network of rich and influential people, you can become rich and influential too. 

This sheet is only for people that understand that network = net worth.

And it’s free. 


The Bullseye Framework comes from the book Traction

It’s a spreadsheet helping you identify which marketing channel you should focus on first to grow your startup/company. 

Nothing extraordinary. 

I just made it for you so you don’t need to make it yourself.

And…it’s free.